The building dates back to 1930 and it was one of the first houses in the area, built for a family that needed a place to spend the summers, while living and working in central Rhodes.

In 1990, the building was expanded by the son of the family, to reach its current state, while its current heirs, people who traveled a lot and with special aesthetics, decided to radically renovate it, while using quality materials and respecting the local architecture of the area.

The pebbled floors, called “hochlaki” has been developed in the Dodecanese since the 19th century and is part of the traditional architecture and local heritage of Rhodes. The frames were replaced with very well-made copies of old wooden frames. Three-dimensional tiles of exceptional quality were used, in color harmony with the outdoor space.

Simple and minimal lines characterise the interiors, as some family heirlooms were used for the decoration, together with porcelain vases with Rhodesian motifs and paintings from Africa. The old wood oven was kept and lined with carved stone from Lindos. The old furniture were restored and the wooden wardrobes were painted in chalk colors. Each room has its own bathroom with an emphasis on the casual luxury design style. A noteworthy element is the glass cloud and the “rock” lined with sea sand that arose in the need to bridge the old with the new.
The project is inspired by tradition and heritage and is designed with a selection of special materials beautifully combined with a unique location.

Images © Evangelos Hatzikelis