‘The New Green’ is a healthy eatery located in Trikala serving breakfast, salads, lunch bowls and juices.

Studiomateriality designed a space where circles, arches, terrazzo and colour are the main elements. During the renovation of the space, an old terrazzo flooring was revealed. This incident was an advantage for the design concept as new terrazzo was used for the construction of the salad bar, adding a modern and pop essence to it.

The main area is located on the ground floor while the dining area is located on the upper floor, approached through stairs. Those two areas are separated by a curtain, on which the terrazzo pattern is featured again. Due to the narrow width of the shop, two arches are placed across the salad bar in order to create an optical illusion and extend the depth of the space. Quotes like “taste more, be healthy, share more, be happy!” are printed on the walls, adding a playful and graphic element to the identity of the space. Packaging, scarves and T-shirts are tailor-made to complete the holistic identity building approach.

Lead Designer: Miltos Kontogiannis

Design team: Nancy Karagianni, Sevastiana Konstaki, Dimitris Siokis

Images © Alina Lefa