The restoration of this house in Tinos retained and highlighted its basic characteristics, transforming it into a modern functional residence adaptable to the future needs of its habitants. One of the main concerns throughout the design and construction was to retain the nature of the materials, the construction entity and the intriguing spatial arrangement, within the cost and time requirements of the project. In the spirit of determinist economy, user functions were planned on the basis of a unified space (the ‘wet site’) joining in this way the new shell to the old. The irregular and unusual surfaces and proportions were also maintained. Care was taken to the re-design and construction of the door and window frames and the wooden constructions, preserving their proportions and technical entity. Forged latches, bolts, and mechanisms were reproduced, while any new elements were designed following the same spirit, along with the house’s furniture, electrical installations, and certain lighting units.

Images © Julia Klimi