Informed by the tradition and materiality of Mykonos and inspired by the contemporary lives of travelers, the new airport is a balance of crafted design and engineered space that welcomes visitors, and bids them farewell, with the characteristic warmth and optimism of the island. […]

Hom(m)e is an apartment designed by Omniview and k-studio that is defined by a duality, expressed through the use of contrasting materials; soft, warm wood wraps the private spaces whilst cool stone and laser cut steel define the public side of the house. […]

On a sun-drenched southern tip of Mykonos Island, a weatherworn house was transformed into a modern day agora, the Scorpios Beach Club, offering an atmospheric experience that celebrates beach culture and presents a total experience to visitors, taking the mystical charge of nighttime rituals into daytime. […]

K-Studio designed an exclusive Japanese restaurant and bar in the northern suburbs of Athens that combines a sushi bar, a cocktail bar and seated dining areas inspired by Japanese architecture. […]

Built on the island of Skiathos, the design of the Plane House aims to take advantage of the typical Greek summer by merging internal and external spaces and at the same keeping the impacts to the surrounding landscape to a minimum. […]

Located in the Athens suburb of Ekali, Woodwing Villa is a stunning family residence adaptable to all seasons. In winter, it functions as an introverted shell that closes to provide protection, while in summer it opens up towards its surroundings. […]