This bar/restaurant in Athens underwent a radical makeover and a total change of identity giving its place to Bogart, a new exciting space that strives to live up to its name with a character that is cool, chic and overly urban. The first step was to pare back the club area; a color palette of pale purple and black was introduced, while sections of the walls were treated to resemble a cement-like grey surface. Black metal angular fixtures were designed for the bar area and playful button lights were fixed to the wall surfaces.

Bold graphics were placed throughout the space, without however altering its urban simplicity character. The D.J. stand at the entrance of the club area sets a distinctive tone, while the restaurant on the upper level adds a more sophisticated air. The black wooden floors and tan leather couches are illuminated by a sphere of LED lights, set against a mirrored backdrop glistering with tiny sparkles, in this very smart upmarket destination.

Lighting Design by Flos, Moooi

Images © Vangelis Paterakis