Madeya is a bagel shop located in Kolonaki, a chic, fashionable, up-market district and a must meeting point in Athens, which stands out for its unusual concept, featuring a boutique-like entrance and a minimal display of its products.

Major construction took place in order to enlarge the existing premises and to increase the space’s overall functionality. The architect joined the previous two small spaces, an old apartment and a clothes shop, into a large 150 m2 total area, opened the back walls, and joined the mezzanine for public use with a new metal stairway. Having to work with a very narrow, double-height entrance, a wooden pass way was created in the shop, with a repeating design made of oak boxes on the walls and oak panels on both floor and ceiling. Inside this box, the desserts are displayed in an open, custom-made freezer made of white Corian, while a rectangular clear Plexiglas box is protruding from the façade and displays the “product of the day”. The glass façade, which is not only double height but also totally transparent, invites the customers to experience a whole new fashion!

The lighting fixture in the entrance creates the perfect centerpiece, surrounded by wooden elements. It is made out of 6 white plastered paper ball shaped lights each one coated inside with gold leaves. The walls are made of clay, an organic material that the artist Eliska Turanska sculptured in a warm grey-stone color. By opening the back walls on both levels and placing plants outside, a lot of light is floating in, creating a very cozy atmosphere. An open kitchen allows the customers to observe what is going on behind the scenes. One corner of the kitchen contains a clear glass box with Plexiglas rods that are holding and displaying the different types of bagels.

The custom-made counter was created using white and grey sparkling tiles in herringbone style, and includes two horizontal freezers displaying the food and the beverages.
White marble floor tiles were selected to give the effect of reflection and glossiness. Soft grey leather couches were placed downstairs next to each other, facing the open kitchen and mixed with the oak wooden tables and chairs. At the mezzanine upstairs, more private areas were created by the use of the long communal table, ideal for private meetings as well as a long couch and little side tables, inviting customers to a very cosy atmosphere.

Photography: Christopher Vradis

Art wall by Eliska Turanska