The Clumsies is an all day cocktail bar in Athens that offers marvelous cocktails and a unique experience in a warm and welcoming space created by Nine Design. The main aim of the team running the bar is to offer the entertainment and socialization opportunities bar-goers used to enjoy during the 1990s, together with the specialization and quality that is available today. Its interior is both classic and modern, ready to entertain customers around the clock, offering various rooms and floors, an internal courtyard and an atrium. Staircases made up of stone, marble and wood lead to the various levels and unify the interior spaces, while vaults can be discerned behind the bar, the hallmark of its façade.

Vassilis Kyritsis and Nikos Bakoulis, the awarded bartendes of Clumsies, share the belief that one should not only be judged by the impeccable execution of a recipe, but also by the way he connects with customers. Apart from the extensive list of cocktails offered, the bar serves exclusively The Clumsies Old Tom Gin, a gin created especially for the venture by the company Finest Roots. Building on a London dry gin base, they added their own blend of herbs, spices and citrus fruit (lavender, ginger, pomelo lemon, mastic), while the Greek distillery provided its own know-how.

In addition, The Clumsies serves a range of specialty coffee varieties, very low alcohol drinks such as Grapefruit Spritz and Elder Shower, and non-alcoholic drinks that are closer to the philosophy of a proper cocktail, such as: non-alcoholic Negroni, non-alcoholic Sazerac, Margarita and Mai Tai. The bar’s comfort food is prepared by Nikos Karathanos, a well-known Greek Chef who has also received a Michelin Star. Their signature menu completes the range of the services offered; it changes twice a year, adapting to the seasonal availability of ingredients. For example, ‘Color and Taste Guide’ is an innovative concept that invites guests to savor the aromas and flavors of their drinks, offering a complete experience for the palate. For this reason, Clumsies came up with the idea of a wooden box featuring a label on its front that described the color of each cocktail in correlation with its style(e.g. sweet’n’sour cocktail / orange color), its name (e.g. Highball Gimlet), and its basic spirit (e.g. Tanqueray 10).